Storm Windows

Harvey True Channel


Harvey (HQ- Waltham, MA) is the preferred solution in Storm windows. With twice the weatherstripping as ordinary storm windows, a sturdy interlocking frame/tie bar for maximum wind resistance, and the Triple-Track design for easy "in-place" lifting and lowering of the sash/screen.  Color choices are white, black, bronze(brown) or cream.  

Allied Storm Windows


For homes with windows of  various shapes and bows, and/or a desire to make the Storm window "invisible," Allied is a great choice.  Storm windows can be installed on the interior or exterior surface of the window.  A single track glass panel frame removes, and is stored during the summer months,  and a screen installed. Allied has a long list of successful installations in historic homes and buildings in and around the greater boston area. (e.g. Faneuil Hall)

* Lead times for Harvey windows are generally 3 weeks from purchase.

* Lead times for Allied Windows are generally 8-12 weeks from purchase.