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Frank Lloyd Wright

"Once organic character is achieved in the work of Art, that work is forever. Like sun, moon, stars, great trees, flowers and grass, it is and stays on while and wherever man is.

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Window restoration & Weather-sealing


The craft of restoring and weather sealing historic windows has gained considerable favor over the past few years - as increased energy costs loom and preservation is desirable.  Equally important, windows in older homes are historically significant and far more aesthetic than a replacement strategy. Regrettably, expedience has driven many consumers to vinyl and/or modern replacement windows.

“At FPP our approach is very energy efficient, very cost effective, and historically conscientious.”


Storm Window & Window Replacement

All glass has an effective R-Value = 1 (Very Conductive).   Weather sealing windows and installing tight storm windows creates a "dead space."  The Storm window exterior glass absorbs the brunt of the heat/cold, allowing the interior glass of the sash to become more ambient to the interior temperature. In cases where the preference is to replace the window, the bi-glass creates the dead space. 

“At FPP our focus is to ensure you stay warm in the winter months, and cool in the summer.”


Stained Window Glass repair/design

Stained Glass, new or restored,  are signature elements to the "divine proportion" of historic homes and buildings.  Restoration involves the careful removal of the windows; the re-caming (i.e. lead work) of the design, cleaning, and re-installation.    In case of creating signature pieces, we have a group of artists who will consult and bring creative expression to your goals.

"At FPP we welcome the opportunity of renewing or creating a personal signature for your home"

What our clients are saying?

"The quality of the work is beyond outstanding. He brought life back to our windows that were really in bad shape. The house is late 1800's. We contemplated installing high end wooden windows but have been hearing about how they disintegrate as the wood used to manufacture them can never match the durability and quality of wood over 100 years old! "   Somerville, MA

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