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Tape Balances

The counter balance window system  has been in use in commercial applications for over 100 years and was introduced into the residential market approximately 30 years ago.  Inserted into the existing rope pulley hinge opening, the counter balance replaces the need for a weight and cord assembly.   The subsequent insulation of the weight cavity, cleaning and weather-stripping to the rails, and caulking of storm window trim create a dramatic difference in home comfort and energy consumption.  This is worth repeating – the reduction in drafts and noise pollution is very dramatic.

Also called a tape or clockspring balance, the spring balance is a metal tape, permanently greased and wound on a wheel. This wheel in turn is mounted on a coiled, high-carbon steel spring inside a metal case, similar in construction to a small carpenter's measuring tape. Just as cast iron or lead weights were matched, pound for pound, to each sash, spring balances were manufactured and sold in various sizes that would offset the weight of a particular sash. However, instead of running cotton rope from sash to weights over a pulley, the spring balance connected to the sash by a metal tape that stretched up the channel into the spring case that took the place of a pulley. Visually, there was little difference.

The primary advantage to a spring balance implementation is the removal of the weights and filling of the weight cavity. 

Tape Balance - BeforePullman Tape Balance -AfterSlow rise foam for spraying into the weight cavity

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