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Rim Joist Insulation

 The "rim joist" or "band joist" rests on the sill or sill plate and functions is to keep the joists true and also provide a surface for completing the edge of subflooring and a flat base from which to support the exterior walls.  The rim joist is the  "box" of a floor's structure.

The rim joist can be  a significant source of drafts, expecially in older homes with stone and masonry foundations.  Drafts are then pulled through the house into walls amd holes created by plumbing pipes and electrical conduit.  By sealing the rim joist and the various plumbing/ electrical holes in the subfloor, the homeowner enjoy a  dramatic impact on their home comfort and energy management The sealing of plumbing, electrical conduit and other subfloor draft points can be included as part of the service.

" Unlike fiberglass or batt insulation, closed cell foam is impervious to moisture, won’t sag and is a complete barrier to insects, mold and mildew."








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