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Historic Chain

HISTORIC RESTORATION - The craft of restoring and weatherizing an historic window has gained considerable favor over the past few years - as increased energy costs loom and preservation is desirable.  Equally important, windows in older homes are historically significant and far more aesthetic than a replacement strategy. Regrettably, expedience has driven many consumers to vinyl and/or modern replacement windows.


“At FPP our approach is very energy efficient, very cost effective, and historically conscientious.”


The energy challenge in historic window restoration are twofold; drafts and conductivity.


DRAFTS:  All windows require protection against the drafts that occur where window sashes are opened and closed.  At fpp // , the restoration and weatherization to historic windows involve the use of age old, time tested, and a few modern techniques to protect against drafts.


CONDUCTIVITY:  Glass has an r-value of +/- 1 (not a lot), whether new or old.  Glass will heat up or cool down like a cooking pot, passing the exterior temperature into the house. The solution against glass conductivity is to create a buffer or “dead space” between the storm window and historic sashes.  Replacement strategies attempt to solve the issue of conductivity with bi-glass (2 thin pieces of glass fused to create a seal).  Interestingly, the pragmatic and historical approach of sealing storm window and window sashes actually create a larger buffer between the exterior/interior temperatures, and can be more effective and energy efficient.  The secret is to create a seal of both storm window and double hung sashes.

Service Includes:
Remove old rope sash cord, clean and lubricate pulley and install brass chain;  caulk STORM window frame and lubricate storm levers to seal and reduce window draft and noise pollution; Spot glazing of exterior window muntins to protect and ensure glass is seated tightly to window sash; sanding and bees waxing of sashes to interior window frames and rails to improve the overall operation of wooden windows;   installation of new mahogony parting beads; sanding; and, installation of spring bronze weatherstripping (Bottom sash & Top sash) and sash rails (silicone tube seal).

Brattle Street BeforeBrattle Street AfterSanding the railsChain Restoration After


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