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Air infiltration into your house is the number one enemy of your home heating and cooling efficiency. Wall switches and outlets baseboards, window trim, located on the exterior walls of your home, can serve as multiple ports of entry for outside air – i.e. drafts or energy loss.

Your plaster walls can act as an effective thermal barrier to the rough framing and exterior surface of the home if sealed correctly.  The electrical network of a home with its many electrical junction boxes and wall switches penetrate into the wall cavity and create significant sources of air leakage. AIR SEALING SERVICE is designed to identify and seal those areas of significant draft, via:  caulking baseboards; window trim; and, treating electrical junction boxes and switchplates with low expansion foam to mitigate the passage of air, water, dust, fibers, insects, and sound into a building. Foam gaskets are installed behind electric switch plate and outlets of exterior walls to complete the draft abatement.

Uncontrolled Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. Properly air sealing such cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create a healthier indoor environment.  NOTE: It is unwise to rely on air leakage for ventilation because it can't be controlled. During cold or windy weather, too much air may enter the house. When it's warmer and less windy, not enough air may enter. Air infiltration also can contribute to problems with moisture control.  Moldy and dusty air can enter a leaky house through such areas as attics or foundations. This air in the house could cause health problems.

The recommended strategy in both new and old homes is to reduce air leakage as much as possible and to provide controlled ventilation as needed. 

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